So, what is MixingMeets ?

MixingMeets is a fan-made project. Following the end of support and shutdown of the official Tamagotchi ON & Meets app by Bandai on 31 August 2022.

This project is meant to provide and support access to the previous official app, in order to keep online functionality of Tamagotchi ON & Meets devices for people that still owns them.

MixingMeets also provides some quality of life improvements.

Technically: MixingMeets is a custom server compatible with the existing app client. (slight modifications of the client as well)

We are not affiliated with Bandai or any particular company.
Project is free of usage, no fees or any kind of paid services are part of it.

What are the features ?

As MixingMeets is using the official ON & Meets app, it has the exact base features and content.

However, additional content and quality of life elements were added.

MixingMeets features are (not limited to):

  • Web : Players profiles with genealogy for your devices. (share profile link !)
  • Web : Live NPCs / Players in town.
  • Web : TamaDex ! Your own tamagotchi genes progression. ("Pokedex")

  • Town: Added new kind of genes, more marriable tamas !
  • Town : Marriable NPCs. (fake players in town that'll accept your proposals)
  • Town : Likes / notifications are working.
  • Town : Tama party is completed by NPCs and they are marriable.

  • Downloads : Minigames, Locations, Backgrounds - Those are all unlocked and permanent. (in inventory)

  • Shop : The application provide a shop with lot of different items you can by using points.
  • Minigames : Rewards you in gotchis, you can then spend them in the shop.

And more !

How do I access it ?

MixingMeets currently only supports Android devices.

If you own one, you can download an "APK file", in order to install the MixingMeets client.

There are no downloads link on the MixingMeets website: you need to get into our discord, there is a dedicated #download channel as well as some more explanations.
You can find a link to the discord on top of this webpage.

Is it free ?

Yes ! Project is free of usage, no fees or any kind of paid services are part of it. And it'll always be.

Can I support it / make a donation anyway ?

Yes you can !

Such support help us to keep the servers online.
You can do so using Ko-fi on this link: https://ko-fi.com/wiserix

Can I use MixingMeets on PC ?

PC Android Emulators don't currently work with bluetooth so it wouldn't be able to connect to your Tamagotchi.

Can I use this app on iOS ?

Apple does not allow for this kind of fan projects, therefore the app will remain Android only.

Bluetooth is on, why won't it connect to the app ?

Location services must be turned on !

Why does the app ask for permissions ?

The app requires Bluetooth and location services to run. Due to the nature of Android these permissions are required to be granted for the app to function. Rest assured we do not use or collect your data.

Will X character be available ?

Character and content updates are planned and being worked on so we're not taking character requests, look forwards to new content to come !

How often do NPCs rotate in the town ?

NPCs rotate every 2 hours. Yes, they rotate randomly from the pool of available NPCs. Since beginning of 2023, timer is now showed on the NPC Live Town page ! Have a look !

Why does the app freeze when I finish the Tama Depa game ?

This is a known bug, sorry, simply restart the app to proceed.


Several people worked actively on making MixingMeets alive:

Special thanks to our first discord testers and friends:
  • Bolter#7401 (MyMeets creator)
  • ShroomHWD#0742
  • Konky#7694
  • TOx - xoTama0x#5785 (TBS Fan)
  • Cam-Cam#9266
  • BRBeeps#5844
  • Hamsteh#0001
  • somniari#9496
  • Jowordan#1506
  • Chandemic#1105
  • Chelseagotchi#0978
  • ChicchaiOssan#6334
  • Equinox#5159
  • explodedsoda#1155
  • Jasmine#9603
  • koreauser#3867
  • lostRhythm#9923
  • mariahtchi#4364
  • maywaifu#2920
  • MZ#9665
  • PeterV#4028
  • pichue#9231
  • Quaint#7836
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